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Crawford Post Production Site Wins Addy

Our friends at Crawford Post Production have had a lot going on recently. Between partnering with Wiretree for web design, and spinning off their sister satellite business, they also were awarded a Silver Addy for the website we all created! The site echos the messaging they developed in their fabulous collateral piece entitled “Big Little …

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Mother’s Day

Overview Mother knows best, or at least Darren Lynn Bousman, director of Saw II, III, and IV does. That’s why he approached us/Wiretree to create the teaser movie web site for his new remake of the Troma films classic “Mother’s Day”. So we decided, what better way to create a horror film site than to …

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Jack Welch MBA

Overview Wiretree is working with Jack Welch, a legend of the business world, as he launches his elite online MBA program. The project goals were set at a very high bar – launch a best of breed global education brand centered around one of the worlds most respected business leaders. We are always up for …

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Paragon Studios

Overview Elegance personified. We worked with Paragon Studios years ago to showcase their facility and we were lucky enough to get the chance to revisit our work and bring a whole new level of sophistication in design and experience. Click into the studio tour and watch the main navigation melt away to give you a large …

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REPO! The Genetic Opera

Overview This film has started a cult following amongst it’s ever growing fan-base. The website celebrates that collective and their dedication to see this film live on. There is an active message board, a buzzing chat room and several avenues to uncover content from the rock opera awaiting you, but be warned… you may just …

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Wiretree brings home the prestigious Webby Award for LA Film

Bring on the hits! LA Film makes it’s way onto the stage at the Webby  Awards in New York City. The  website won Best Homepage and Best School Website. Now that ain’t too shabby at all.

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Wiretree launches the cult phenom REPO!

You haven’t seen anything like this. The great team behind this new film has buzz that sounds like this, “a movie for which the term “instant cult classic” was invented.” -Todd Gilchrist, IGN

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Featured in HOW Magazine

Wiretree is featured in this month’s HOW Design Magazine for our project, Storyville Coffee. This is quite an honor and we are proud to help spread the word about fresh coffee!

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