Microsoft HoloLens is here in early release, and Wiretree is eye-deep in experimenting with holographic apps.

It’s definitely inspiring to develop for this platform and for Mixed-Reality and Augmented-Reality spaces generally. Feels like the future.

Below, in what may be the world’s least interesting 3 minute literal walk-through, we walk through a somewhat sloppy studio environment with a Spatial Mapping visual overlay.

This video clip shows the mapping of surfaces in real-time, allowing us to then project alternate textures and interactive objects that feel “locked in place” and very at home when overlayed onto the real world. (Logo-paved roads and sidewalks anyone?)

(And let’s face it, it just looked really cool to imagine seeing the world like this all the time. We know some cgi guys like that.)

We’re eager to talk with companies interested in experimenting with VR/AR and Mixed Reality technologies. For consumer apps, in-person marketing installations, or enhanced line-of-business capabilities, there is a near limitless opportunity for early movers. #BuildTheFuture in these spaces. Please get in touch.

Excessively Long Spatial Mapping Demo Video

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