Bring on the hits – LA Film makes it’s way onto the stage at the Webby  Awards in New York City.

We are quite proud of this project and all the amazing thought and dedication that went into making it a masterpiece.

The Los Angeles Film School website won Best Homepage and Best School Website awards from some big-time organizations (like the Webbys), among other accolades. Now that ain’t too shabby at all.

Ready to become a filmmaker?

The Los Angeles Film School is where storytellers with a passion for film learn to bring their dreams to life. Located in the center of the entertainment world, the school was designed by professional filmmakers to introduce students to the art and science of filmmaking. This energetic website has inspired may young minds to join the school. The LA site has been highly awarded and recognized all around the globe and was the Webby winner for best homepage!

– Webby Award
– FWA Award
– W3 Award

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