Smart Earth Technologies partnered with Wiretree to deliver the design and software for their Total Water Enterprise Platform.

The system is provided to mid-size cities water utilities across the nation, to track and remotely control their water systems in real-time.

The platform provides wireless water meters, valves, and pressure sensors with embedded radio transmitters, connecting devices out in the field (aka your house!) back into HQ in real-time via a Bluetooth LowEnergy network.

Whew, sounds impressive? challenging? We thought so too – so we jumped at the chance to build with them. The 2-way, real-time data collection system, back end communications architecture, and real-time monitoring systems required to power and report on this industrial strength application suite were the foundation of control for municipal utility companies in the U.S..

To give water management department workers better tools to use, our team designed an interactive user interface modeled on familiar consumer apps, rather than cryptic legacy enterprise software system screens. Adding integration with the industry leading Geographic mapping server ArcGIS from ESRI and Google street-view made it even more powerful. 

The result of all this mad science and slick design is a system that allows real-time monitoring and remote control of a city’s water distribution system – conserving money and water for taxpayers. (ps, don’t forget to pay your water bills!)

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