Jeff Askew

“The exciting thing about technology is how it’s finally transformed from technical bits and bops into really being about people and how we interact with the real world. That’s the true UX we’re after here.”

Co-Founder and director of creative technology for Wiretree, Jeff brings over twenty years of experience to bear. He has been designing digital market strategies, developing and coding technology platforms, and producing award winning projects for all types of organizations. He has a deep understanding of the Internet and connected media from both technological and creative perspectives. Jeff’s role includes organizing and managing teams of engineers, designers, and strategists to innovate and iterate complex product ideas. Perhaps most importantly, he can talk to humans about technical topics in a clear manner that inspires confidence and gets things done – helping to scale companies from the napkin-based planning phase through to multi-million dollar exits.

An early digital pioneer and veteran of digital agencies, Jeff began his professional career in the early 90’s working for NASA’s Software Technology Transfer center. For his diversions at home, Jeff spends time pushing music, minecraft mods, and motivation onto his three kids while trying to keep up with global economics.

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