Will Weyer

“Write your own story — all the current ones you see before you didn’t cast YOU as the lead role.”

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer for Wiretree, Will is a man for all seasons. His forward-thinking mindset keeps a constant sprint into new territories of the digital design frontier. Discovering the best techniques to tell the best stories – that’s always the aim. And when he’s not tweaking layouts to perfection, he’s fine-tuning the next multimedia extravaganza thanks to his background in design, film, animation, class clown & user experience. 

In his downtime when he’s not leading up efforts at Wiretree to save the world from bad design he’s in the sun hiking the Flatirons, or taking his next would be ping-pong victim to the gallows. Oh, and did we mention, the numerous Webbys, Daveys, and FWAs he has under his belt? Awards are cool, but what’s next is always the target!

Domain Names

New ideas deserve a Domain

Been doing this for so many years that I’ve collected some pretty goofy domain names. When an idea strikes it’s fun to go see if the url is open -OR- what is already there! 

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