Snapverse. The first social music selfie video app – fully legal and licensed to get artists paid.

We partnered to design and execute the branding, mobile app, website, and back-end for this popular iPhone app. Mix your recorded videos with popular music soundtracks in a creative and sharable setting.

  • Branding and logo
  • Mobile screens, advertising-to-onboarding flow
  • Cloud Server auto-scaling architecture 
  • Run a Scrum based product development team over continental timezones 
  • Analytics mapping and data science telemetry
  • Ad Marketing campaigns and tuning
  • Re-engagement campaigns, users targeted via machine learning predictors
  • Used the Version 1 to answer our questions and assumptions with real users. Fed that into a fully re-imagined Version 2 based on this user data

Logo Design

The logo mark for Snapverse depicts and ongoing loop. That is both for the infinite possibilities of what you can create with this mobile app and for the continuing conversations that build in the app.

Custom Icon Design

Our carefully crafted app icon represents a multi-capture device. It’s got a precision lens, audio inputs and speaker portholes — this bad boy is ready to record some memories!

Product Branding

The ever popular Selfieoke™ feature of Snapverse is a powerful feature that deserved its own branding.

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