Wiretree has worked with CoinData and Reynolds and Reynolds to pioneer the DocuPAD, a collaborative digital desktop for the retail automotive market.

Using our skills in highly interactive and intuitive design, the team created a software and hardware system simple enough for any consumer to sit down and feel immediately comfortable using, and engaging enough with the digital presentations to result in increased sales of products and services.

The system uses a large format tablet-based LCD screen, with special touch and digital ink sensors, literally embedded into the tabletop within a car dealership. Using the system, the sales and finance departments can present product presentations and compliant financing information.

Additionally, through the use of a digital stylus pen, all contracts and documents required to purchase a vehicle are signed on the system using digital ink, associated with biometric data to identify the participant, and electronically submitted without the need for endless amounts of paper.

DocuPAD is a shared-space interaction scenario where a customer can site on one side and the presenter on the other and both can engage with the system. This has proved to be an amazing tool for both the dealership and it’s customers to make the car buying experience easier and more efficient (not to mention being fun!).

You can get one for your car dealership at: http://reyrey.com/docupad

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