Wiretree was chosen to work with Jack Welch, a legend of the business world, as he launches his elite online MBA program.

The project goals were set at a very high bar – to launch a best-of-breed global education brand centered around one of the world’s most respected business leaders. We are always up for a good challenge! 


The Legendary “CEO-of-the-century” Jack Welch launched a revolution in business leadership, and has now formed the Jack Welch Management Institute to teach these essential skills to the business leaders of our future. This higher-education website and online MBA course was created to elevate leadership skills for students.

Working directly with Jack Welch and his wife Suzy, through Chancellor University and Significant Federation, Wiretree had the profound privilege of developing the brand and launching the JWMI Institute.

To reach the biggest market and keep up with Jack’s high-powered drive for speed and quality, a mammoth amount of material was created including brand messaging, logos, websites, print brochures, videos, a trade-show booth, and even online courseware designs.

If you are looking to up your game in the leadership department, consider getting schooled straight from the source.

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