REPO: It’s a movement! This film has generated a rabid cult following among it’s ever growing fan-base.

The website for this film – titled REPO! The Genetic Opera, and directed by the talented Darren Bousman – celebrates that collective and their dedication to see this film in theaters and perform the rock opera live in front of the crowd. Serving as a locus of activity for screenings, fan groups, and merchandising, the site was critical in the grassroots marketing efforts for this movie.

REPO featured a cast of insanely memorable characters – and we had a blast creating online personas for them, while showcasing the amazing set, music, and direction of the film. There is an active message board, a buzzing chat room and several avenues to uncover content from the rock opera awaiting you, but be warned… you may just want some Zydrate of your own after your visit to this immersive interactive movie site.

"You haven’t seen anything like this. The great team behind this new film has buzz that sounds like this, “a movie for which the term “instant cult classic” was invented.”

Todd Gilchrist, IGN

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