The freshest coffee in the game, delivered right to your door! Wiretree took great care in crafting the full experience of the Storyville Coffee website.

Every nook and cranny of the user experience was thought through and kept at a very high level of detail and function. The end result is a masterpiece of brand experience that we are extremely proud of. 

The Storyville Coffee Company is a fascinating and refreshing organization in Seattle that specializes in roasting the highest quality coffee available – trust us, we drink it every day! This immersive site features carefully crafted videos and a uniquely interactive e-commerce system and subscription management back-end that we custom developed to accommodate their flexible business model.


The site is a shining example of brand experience that has garnered accolades from the FWA Awards as top integrated HTML and Flash sites, as well as being featured in HOW Magazine.

In addition to a video-rich animated website, and the e-commerce experience for ordering subscriptions of coffee, we developed a custom back-end system for managing customers, generating roasting inventory mix predictions,  packing slip generation, and fulfillment tracking.

Some awards received:

– FWA Award
– Webby Awards Honorable Mention
– Featured in HOW Magazine
– Featured by Communication Arts | Design Interact

“The continuity of the design aesthetic makes this site a flawless brand experience from start to finish.”

Communication Arts

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