Our Atlanta favorites, The Weather Channel, chose Wiretree to help redesign and redefine their Advertiser Sales Media Kit site.

We are big fans, having worked personally on Weather Channel projects from their first weather.com website back in 1996, running off SGI servers and rocking a few choice gif animations. We’ve also loaded up TWC apps on our Macs, Windows, PalmOS, iPhones, and Androids along the way.

Built for prospective advertisers and media buyers, the “TWCMediaKit” site needed a fresh new look to keep up with their constantly advancing brand image and innovative new advertising capabilities. We took select elements and design direction from their emerging brand campaigns, then designed a clean and clear site that is easy to navigate and fosters discovery of all the Ad products they offer.

With over 1,000,000 monthly visitors, the immense volume of traffic pretty much sells itself, but the wizards in the ad department can provide advertisers with enough incredible audience targeting and weather-based triggering of their customized ads to suit any marketer’s fantasies.

Illustrating their abilities to put an Ad specifically in a region that had a sudden downpour — we learned people while-away the time for the storm to pass by increasing their time on mobile devices browsing weather-related content by 68%. Perfect time to mention your local Cab service in that area, right? Indeed.

If you are shopping for receptive eyeballs under just the right conditions, turn to The Weather Channel to be your rainmakers! 

Thanks for visiting Wiretree. (Hey mom!)